See what our customers have been saying for years.

I do take my hat off to you for the incredible job you did for us. Thank you.
— Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder and Entrepreneur
I just wanted to take a moment to commend your company on the professional job that is being done at the Volusia County Courthouse Project. To date, we have experienced no problems
with your company, and feel that we have had a good working relationship with both your on site personnel, as well as your office staff. In addition, the actual work being performed has gone beyond our expectations in it’s appearance, and by the professional manner in which it is being installed.
Because mistakes can hardly be tolerated, restoration can be anxious work. Mistakes are not
easily corrected by “replacing it with a new one”. Every company involved has to work carefully and professionally to assure that the product is restored to it’s original form. We feel fortunate to have found and worked with a company who fits this criteria.
— Michael Weigel
I have neglected to write you sooner, but I wanted to let you know that we received the Carolopolis Award this past Jan. 14th from the Preservation Society for the restoration of 273 King St. All agreed that the work was completed with a high degree of accuracy. The main thing that impressed them was the replacement of the cornice by you and your people in retaining the original architectural integrity of the building. Many people think that we put back the original cornice. I agree that it was an excellent piece of work and done in a professional and timely fashion. If you ever need a reference, please let me know.
— John Huguley
We could not have asked for a better roofing contractor. Their employees are true craftsmen who are committed to top quality work. At every stage of the project, they worked well together and they were truly inspiring to be around. Viewing their work, either from up close or at a distance, one gets the impression of artful beauty and craftsmanship.
— Bob Rymer, Circular Congregational Church
This office has worked with your firm on several projects and as a result are pleased to highly recommend you to others. Our experience with your company on the re-roofing of the Clarendon Farms Plantation House, Beaufort County, SC last year was. nothing but positive. That project involved lifting and relaying approximately ninety thousand square feet of Ludowici clay tile ‘and over 400 linear feet of built-in copper gutters. The job was carried out expertly, timely and without leaks in the built-in gutters. I have had no experience with any other roofing company that exceeds your ability and high standards of workmanship and recommend you and your company without hesitation.
— Jane Bruce Brooker
We can’t say enough great things about your crew. Even though I know they are on a schedule we did not see them rush and miss details. This was extremely important to us and much appreciated!
— David Sauter
I can’t tell you how much we love the painted slate tile depicting the front entrance to our Beach House! It is beautiful and such a wonderful surprise! We are anxious to hang it in a very special place. Of course, you didn’t need to send a thank you for the book, but we are so glad you did. It was and is our intention that this very beautiful house will become a legacy to our family, and so we felt it was important that future generations be aware of the craftsmanship that went into its construction, and who the craftsmen were. Perhaps future generations of your company will delight in the house as well. Thank you so much again, Barry. It is a very meaningful gift and we are thrilled with it.
— Arthur M. Blank, Home Depot CEO and Atlanta Falcons Owner
I am pleased to say that our first endeavor with your company has been a successful one. The slate, tile, and metal roofs have all turned out very well, and we were especially pleased with the professionalism in which the work was performed. In addition, we cannot fail to mention that your company showed tremendous diversification, not only in the various styles of roofing displayed on the project, but also in their willingness to assist in obtaining other specialty materials. By project end, your company had provided us not only with a unique slate roof, but with antique limestone flooring, a limestone fountain (both from France), and hexagon shaped clay tiles — for wine racks! Overall, the project was a success! We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.
— Roy Wissel
Thank you for your assistance in helping to make the major renovation of First Presbyterian Church, here in Miami, such a great success. After removing the complicated existing roof that had deteriorated over many years, your team was able to provide in a timely manner an outstanding new copper roof that has impressed all who have had the privilege to see it. I especially appreciated the way you were always accessible to the Church committee and myself to answer our numerous queries and also stand by your guarantee to deliver a successful completion of this project within budget. Again, Thank you and your Company for an outstanding job.
— John Sacco, AIA
This is to commend you and your company for the excellent work done in repairing, and virtually replacing, my seventy year old tile roof. In nineteen years I have had contact with most of the roofing contractors in this area, in an effort to stop serious, multiple leaks. Your company was so far superior to any other that it is truly noteworthy. I feel that I have a good, secure roof. The entire project was well-planned, well-supervised, and well-executed. I want to comment particularly on your work crew. They were all obviously well-trained, skillful, young men who were courteous and careful of my property. The whole neighborhood talked about what hard workers they were. Keep up the good work.
— Bruce Skidmore
You are the best!! Not only do you do quality work that no other company can compete with, but you are honorable and totally trustworthy. It is like the good old days when you could make a deal by shaking hands — Most refreshing!!
— Gary Pohrer
I have to tell you how impressed we were with the artistry and craft of your crew. The men were quiet and thoughtful and worked in a fashion I have not seen since my youth and that was more than 75 years ago. Their dedication to the job at hand deserves the thanks and admiration of all. My thanks for the beautiful job.
— Pat Collins
Hi Mr. Huber, It was great having Willie and the rest of the crew here all that time. We will miss them. They became part of the family and the neighborhood as well. They were extraordinarily hard working, considerate, polite. Everyone in the neighborhood commented on their skill. Our neighbors to the left held a hot dog roast for the crew in honor of National Hot Dog Day and the neighbors to the right supplied them with Ice Cream sandwiches. We made sure they had plenty of fresh fruit (I even found a fresh shipment of Mangos) and cool drinks. During the project we hosted a major GardenView event with 313 people in the yard, a follow-up closing party which the crew were invited to but they chose to keep on working till dusk, and an open public event as well. You may not know that Buffalo has the Largest Garden Walk event in the USA with about 400 homes and gardens included just in the city alone. We are one of the smaller suburban events in Amherst (only 26 homes to tour) but it was still busy. Our home is surrounded by extensive gardens and I have to say that not one bit of the plantings was harmed in any way. The show went on with the scaffolding, guys working, music playing, everyone happy and really amazed with the roof. All eyes were looking up. Custom Shingles/Huber Associates got tons of publicity. The Garden Walk played second fiddle to the beautiful roof. I know I’m gushing a little but it was a great experience. Glad we got the roof done. It is an exceptional home and now even more so. If you are interested I can compile a list of addresses of homes that had roofing similar to ours. The Creo-Dipt (sp?) Roofing company started about 100 years ago in Suburban Buffalo and numerous homes had roofs like ours but have unfortunately gone the way of asphalt. Ours never has. I’ll put something together and send it off. In the meantime I hope Willie and the crew have a safe ride home. They’ve got to be exhausted and anxious to see their families. And Mr. Huber if you are ever in the area please do visit the house. It would be nice to meet and you would be more than welcome. I’m sending off the final payment today via FedEx less the $75 permit fee. It should be to you tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. By the way the Town Inspector was blown-away by the roof when he came this morning for the final inspect. He loved the copper flashing and so do I. Awesome. Thanks and Best regards,
— Gary DiNezza
We are very satisfied with the roofing of our church by your company, particularly in the way you went about it, with minimum interference of church services, cleaning up, and restoring our church property. Also, your roofing crew should be complimented on their gentle manner in dealing with a number of people while doing their job. We consider the job well done!!
— E. J. Bernard
The work and results from your team was excellent. I was quite happy with their professionalism — and I knew I would be! Thank also for your kind assistance which I much appreciate.
— Elise Mach
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the time and effort you and your staff devoted to supplying this community with a competitive bid for our re-roofing project. As you were informed, Chelsea III decided to accept the bid from a company which has been used by our sister communities in the past, but we feel you should be commended for the way your company handled the bidding process. You were professional, courteous and knowledgeable during the entire bidding process. Barry, in our opinion the respect that was shown to us is second to none.
— Matthew Caccioppo
We want you to know what a great experience that we had when your company installed our slate and copper roof. We had complete confidence in their ability to get the job done correctly due to their attention to detail and professionalism. They are truly exceptional men and are assets to your company. Your company exemplifies a level of professionalism that generally is not seen anymore.
— Wendy Elliott
Mrs. Blumberg and I would like to compliment you and your associates on your outstanding performance in re-roofing our home
at One Arvida Parkway, Coral Gables. The job was quite extensive, and it was extremely important to us that it be completed in a timely manner. You and your people worked late into the evening and on Saturdays, and completed it within the original estimate. The work was performed in a highly professional manner. Not only was there no debris anywhere, on our lawn or patios, but each night the whole house was checked to make sure it was clean. We thank you again for your diligent work, and your cooperative, positive attitude. It would be a pleasure for me to recommend your company to any prospective customers that might like to call.
— David Blumberg
As I mentioned to you on the phone, it was a great experience working with you and your installation team for the roof replacement on our home in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Our house is comprised of 6 building structures, each with a Spanish style tile roof. This house has withstood many storms over the 25 years since it was built. But none could compare to the force of Hurricane Irma that struck in 2017. Those hurricane winds were so destructive that many homes on the island, including those made of solid concrete, were totally destroyed. Our house was not spared. The hurricane did such severe damage that the roofs of all our buildings that all had to be replaced. Based on recommendations from reliable sources we contracted with your firm to do the job. It was no easy task, but you and your people did a first class job with the project. It was done on time and on budget. But more important you and your crews were some of the best people we’ve ever dealt with. In this day and age it is difficult to find individuals with the work ethic and character you and your people exhibited. If our world was filled with more people of your caliber, it would be a better place. I cannot recommend any firm higher that yours to do a job like this. Thanks for your excellent work.
— Rick Sontag