Georgia Custom Roofing

Georgia is a unique state with a rich landscape featuring a variety of historic charm with a diverse span of classic, stately and stunning architectural elements found throughout homes, plantations, museums, government buildings and other historic locations that you can’t enjoy anywhere else in the country.

At Huber & Associates, our creative team of roofing professionals specializes in roofing solutions and restorations for historic homes and buildings throughout the state of Georgia.

For each project we work on, we take a unique, personalized approach to guarantee high-quality, enduringly attractive roofing options that enhance your property’s features, accurately showcase the area’s past and incorporate your personality and tastes. Our team of creative and inventive experts prioritizes quality roofing solutions for all of our Georgia customers. We strictly follow all historical requirements and local codes and we offer flexible work schedules to minimize disruptions and fair pricing models.

Georgia Roofing Consultants

To best serve our customers and the architectural elegance present throughout Georgia, our team of experienced professionals specializes in a wide selection of traditional roofing materials, crafted with the unmatched quality only provided with today’s tools and technology. No matter your tastes or the architectural or historical requirements of your property, we offer knowledge and expertise to give you long-lasting, beautiful roofing options with several materials, including:

For each of our roofing projects, we work closely with you during detailed consultations to find materials and roof designs to fully embrace your property and give you an attractive, durable roof that will last for many years.


Historic Roofing Experts in Georgia

While we specialize in any type of roofing project, our 40 years of experience and passion have made us the leading historical roofing experts and preservation specialists in the area and throughout the entire country. With modern tools, technology and building materials, we can elevate your historical property to maintain its stunning and timeless appearance with the most attractive and durable materials available today.

We’ve completed several special historic roof preservation projects throughout Georgia — including the notable Owens/Thomas House in Savannah and the Brunswick Courthouse. For each historic roofing project, we address the property with a specialized, individualized approach to ensure top-quality results that adhere to the property’s requirements.

Our historic roof preservation process begins with a thorough analysis of the property to fully examine the damages. We’ll then take the necessary time to research the history of your building and develop design plans — referring to the building’s prime condition — and repair guidelines and tools that are historically accurate. For all historic roof preservations, we always strive to use original features, tools and equipment to ensure authenticity and originality.

Choose Custom Roofing Experts

When you need custom roofing or historic preservation services for your Georgia property, trust the attentive and caring professionals available only at Huber & Associates. Since 1974, we’ve been the most knowledgeable, reliable and professional roofing specialists throughout the country, and we take great pride in restoring Georgia properties to their former glory. During our in-depth consultations, we’ll work closely with you to find personalized solutions that adhere to the historic guidelines of your home, enhance your surroundings and improve protection efforts.

To learn more about our Georgia custom roofing solutions or to request services, complete our online contact form or call us at 386-487-1040 to speak to a specialist.

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