North Carolina Custom Roofing

Huber & Associates is the premier custom roofing contracting company operating throughout North Carolina, providing homeowners with attractive and dependable roofing solutions. North Carolina features a variety of climates including sunny coastal areas along the Atlantic to cold, snowy mountains on the western side of the state, all requiring different roofing approaches for the most effective home protection. 

At Huber & Associates, our innovative and knowledgeable team has over 40 years of experience in providing the best roofing solutions to fit your needs and budget. Our roofing solutions offer unmatched attractiveness and protection of your home and family no matter where you’re located. When you work with us, you'll also find strict adherence to state and local building codes, flexible work schedules and fair and transparent pricing.

Quality Custom Roofing Contractors in North Carolina

At Huber & Associates, our passion and dedication for offering proper roofing materials and installations has allowed us to be the most creative and innovative custom roofing contractors throughout North Carolina. We can assist you in selecting new, beautiful roofing materials, finding options that meet your needs, including longevity-requirements, maintenance expectations, durability and energy efficiency.

We specialize in the following roofing materials:

Historic Roof Restoration Experts

What makes North Carolina an exceptional place is its large number of beautiful historic homes and locations throughout the state. Not only does the team at Huber & Associates offer the highest quality and dependable roofing design and installation services, but we’re also inspired by historical architecture and have positioned ourselves as leading experts in properly preserving and restoring historical properties throughout North Carolina and the country. 

We focus on buildings and structures that are architecturally, culturally or historically important, and we partner with reputable individuals and organizations, including government agencies and historical societies, for the highest quality and effective historic roofing restoration. We have extensive experience performing restoration roofing services for plantations, colleges and universities, courthouses, places of worship and museums.

Among our favorite North Carolina historical preservation projects is the Biltmore Estate. A stunning 250-room chateau built in Asheville and completed in 1895, this home requires careful and attentive maintenance performed by knowledgeable and caring experts. The team at Huber & Associates quickly and professionally repaired a signature decorative roofing structure — the cap on the front of the building — while maintaining the original character and integrity of the estate, and establishing long-lasting performance. Visit the gorgeous Biltmore Estate today to view the unmatched workmanship and attention-to-detail offered only by Huber & Associates.

In addition to this beautiful historical site, we’ve also performed roof restoration services on the following locations throughout the country:

  • Circular Congressional Church — Charleston, SC
  • William Blacklock House — Charleston, SC
  • Bryce Canyon Lodge — Bryce, UT
  • Gianni Versace Residence — Miami, FL
  • Wilson Residence — Hawaiian Registration of Historic Places

When You Need Custom Roofing Solutions, Reach out to Huber & Associates

Trust the experts at Huber & Associates with your North Carolina custom roofing installation or historic roof restoration project. For over 40 years, we’ve been the most knowledgeable, professional and innovative roofing specialists throughout North Carolina and beyond. Our experienced and trained professionals will work closely with you to find custom roofing solutions that enhance the beauty of your home or property, improve home protection and increase overall energy efficiency.

Learn more about our wide selection of custom roofing offerings today by calling us at 386-487-1040 or completing our online form.

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