Huber & Associates Have Private Residence Roofing Experience & Knowledge

After speaking with Cliff Newbury, a project manager with Hubert Whitlock Builders for nearly 20 years, one understands why virtually anyone seeking to build or renovate a one-of-a-kind custom home in North or South Carolina would want to meet with Cliff and his associates.  Founded generations ago in Charlotte, NC, Hubert Whitlock has earned recognition repeatedly for excellence.  Since its inception in 1957, the company has received national awards for its remodeling projects including National Chrysalis Awards, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Award, multiple HBA awards as well as year-over-year Guildmaster Awards for service excellence.

Custom Roof Shingles

Taking Pride in Every Project

The people at Hubert Whitlock take pride in every project, seeking not only to deliver a great customer experience but to begin a lifelong business relationship as well.  With those goals in mind, Hubert Whitlock works closely with architects and designers, and selects only the highest quality materials and most reputable craftsmen – a meticulous approach resulting in quality projects, loyal customers and a 58-year reputation for excellence.  So whether it’s a new home for the Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte or the renovation of the historic Morrocroft Mansion, architects, contractors and homeowners place their trust in Hubert Whitlock.

Utilizing Old-World Techniques for Beauty and Durability

Hubert Whitlock often employs old-world techniques to recreate the lasting beauty and durability of years gone by.  For many projects, the cedar, copper or slate roofing serves not only its traditional functional purpose but also represents a critical design element with no small impact on the overall appearance of the home and acceptance of the project.   Consequently, the performance of a roofing contractor looms large over the desired customer experience and the enduring business relationship.  Knowing this, Cliff likes to call on Huber & Associates, a Lake City, FL company founded in the 1980s, known for its craftsmanship and expertise.  More specifically, Cliff calls Barry Huber, the founder and owner of Huber & Associates, because “there are very few builders who can do what they do and when Barry gets involved, he’s going to have a positive impact.”

By way of example, the home pictured above features an imported, old-world clay shingle tile.  After much deliberation, the design team selected this tile, purchased it abroad at considerable cost and turned to Huber & Associates for the installation.  In all, nearly 20,000 square feet of roofing were installed at an all-in project cost of roughly $1 million.

Building Lasting Relationships

Cliff Newbury first engaged Huber & Associates because of the company’s productivity and its ability to meet deadlines.  The two companies have now collaborated on multiple projects and Cliff sees more in the future.  According to Cliff, “Huber & Associates crews conduct themselves professionally, deliver quality projects and get their work done on time.”  He adds, “we place our reputation on the line with every project and we have to get it right.  The details matter and, for that reason, we hire the very best contractors we can identify.  Huber & Associates has proved to be one of the best.”