In high-end homes and other luxury properties, it’s a common practice to embellish a standard roof with decorative cornices, architectural cladding and other stylized features. At Huber & Associates, we specialize in bringing to life the unique visions of homeowners, architects and engineers around the world. We have installed custom metal cornice mouldings for a range of exceptional properties.

We have received many awards and accolades for our work on historical buildings and our commitment to excellence in everything we do. To read case studies and learn more about our capabilities, please visit our blog. You can also give us a call at (828) 275-7678 to speak with one of our representatives directly.


Huber & Associates has more than 40 years of experience in architectural metal cornice construction and installation. We work with a range of materials according to the needs of the project:

copper cornice by Huber & Associates
  • Copper: Copper is a classic choice for architectural moldings on luxury homes, hotels, government buildings and other properties. Copper is lightweight and easy to work with while remaining highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. Copper moldings are bright orange when installed but mature to a green color over time. It’s a stylish effect that nicely complements stone and brick buildings.
  • Pre-patina copper: Pre-patinated copper roof cladding undergoes a chemical treatment to prematurely age its outward appearance, allowing for a greater degree of control over how it will mature over time. This is done without affecting the structural integrity of the finished product and is an increasingly popular choice with contemporary architects and designers.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel offers many of the benefits of copper at a fraction of the cost. It is resistant to corrosion while providing reflective properties that prevent thermal heat from building up indoors. While most people associate stainless steel roofing with industrial or commercial properties, it has extensive potential in design-forward architectural applications and provides a unique contrast to conventional residential building materials.

Working with ornamental metal requires a specialized skill set. On a complex or historically significant project, only a qualified roofer will be able to bring your creative vision to life without affecting the structural integrity of the property.

Huber & Associates is unique in our ability to create highly stylized exterior cornice mouldings and other roofing elements. Our team brings technical expertise and a strong creative sense to every project it takes on. We excel at solving the problems commonly associated with custom metal cornice design and installation.


Properly maintained, copper and other metals can be counted on for 50 years of service or more. On older properties, it may be necessary to repair or replace entire sections of a roof to keep it looking its best. Few roofing contractors can perform this highly specialized work with fidelity to the original design.

Huber & Associates has collaborated with historical preservation societies, government agencies and private homeowners to restore metal cornice details on properties from the 19th and early 20th centuries. We were instrumental in the restoration of the Biltmore Estate, the William Blacklock House and other buildings on the list of National Historic Landmarks.

Our work on these and other properties has won us the respect of our peers and clients as well as a number of prestigious awards. We are a three-time winner of the National Roofing and Contractors’ Association (NRCA) Gold Circle Award and a recipient of Master Craftsman awards from Dade Heritage Trust and the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation.

You can read more about what previous clients have said about working with Huber & Associates on our Testimonials page.

Copper roof cornace


Installing, designing and restoring custom copper cornices and other architectural roofing elements is a highly collaborative process. All participants must commit to open and transparent communication and work together to meet a project's goals.

Huber & Associates will take the time to understand your needs and develop a comprehensive action plan outlining the costs and timeline associated with the job. We will work quickly to minimize disruption and treat your property with respect every step of the way. We carefully choose our team members for their expertise and project management skills.

By working with the best, we ensure superior results every time.


The first step in any custom metal cornice installation or historical restoration is to book a consultation with Huber & Associates. We are available to take on jobs throughout the Southeast U.S. and beyond. Call us directly at (828) 275-7678 to begin the process at your convenience.