Restoration and Historical Roofing Experts

Huber & Associates is the pre-eminent historic roof restoration company serving communities and historically significant locations throughout the Southeast, nationally and internationally. Our team is dedicated to preserving beautiful architecture, creating lasting impressions and providing customized roofing solutions for buildings located throughout the United States and abroad. With over 40 years of industry and historic roof restoration and repair experience, we’ve been honored with the opportunity to work on several significant historical locations located throughout the country — from restoring the ornamental metal roofing of The Baltimore in Asheville, NC or the cedar roof of the Bryce Canyon Lodge in Bryce, UT, or private residences anywhere in the U.S., we are the experts to call for roofs in need of our expertise.

Southeast United States Roofing Preservation and Restoration

As restoration and historical roofing experts, we provide roofing expertise throughout the Southeast, serving the following states:

  • Alabama

  • Tennessee

Our team of historic preservation experts has partnered with several prestigious organizations, societies and individuals to perform historic roof restoration services for a variety of significant locations, including churches and places of worship, schools and universities, national park buildings, large private residences and plantations, historically significant buildings and government locations.

For each of our Southeast custom roofing projects, we work closely with architects and site managers to find materials and designs that not only provide lasting protection, but also preserve the architectural history of the site. To ensure thorough, accurate and attractive results, our process for each historic roof restoration project includes in-depth site assessments, extensive historical research to find designs, tools and materials accurate to the era, and personalized cleaning, repair and restoration plans.

Throughout the Southeast, our team has had the privilege to perform historic roof repair and restoration for several significant locations:

  • William Blacklock House in Charleston, South Carolina

  • Owens/Thomas House in Savannah, Georgia

  • Gianni Versace Residence in Miami Beach, Florida

  • Alabama Power Co., Martin Darn Power Plant Restoration

  • Arcadia Plantation in Thibodaux, Louisiana

Not only has our team of highly experienced and innovative specialists worked to preserve historic locations throughout the Southeast, but we’ve also traveled throughout the country to enhance significant structures and celebrate historical relevance. We’ve restored the Carbondale Courthouse in Pennsylvania, the Stan Hywet Hall in Ohio and the Wilson Residence in Hawaii.

International Custom Roofing Solutions

At Huber & Associates, our passion for preserving historic sites is not limited to the United States — we also make an effort to visit and restore beautiful, old locations internationally. We specialize in a several international custom roofing projects for historic locations as well as private residences, and have completed several jobs throughout the Caribbean, including Aruba, the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We strive to always provide our international clients with customized roofing solutions that not only offer durability, lasting protection and eye-catching attractiveness, but we also ensure materials and designs are historically accurate and appropriate for the location. We specialize in several roofing materials, including:

For many historic locations throughout the Caribbean, thatch roofing materials are a traditional and popular custom roofing selection. That’s why we’re experts in working with traditional thatch materials, and we use naturally found local vegetation like palm fronds or straw, or synthetic thatch, to ensure durability, attractiveness and longevity. One of our favorite completed examples of our Caribbean thatch roofing projects is the Neeker Island Resort located in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.

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When you need historic roof restoration for your building or residence, trust the experienced, creative and skilled professionals at Huber & Associates. While most of our work is performed in the Southeast, we travel nationally and internationally. Contact us today to learn how we can help you or call us at 386-487-1040 to speak to a team member.