Experienced Caribbean Roofing Experts

At Huber & Associates, we understand and appreciate the diverse architectural landscape throughout the United States and the Caribbean. For over 40 years, we’ve provided custom and historic roofing solutions to properties and residences in the Caribbean, including Aruba, the Bahamas, the U.S. Virgin Islands and beyond.

With architectural considerations and design elements dating back to the 15th century, we at Huber & Associates want to preserve the tradition, cultural uniqueness and inspiration found in the Caribbean. Building styles scattered throughout these islands include design inspiration introduced from Spanish, British, Dutch, French and African societies, which blended with those of native Caribbean groups, resulting in fresh and distinctive architecture. As part of our custom roofing offerings, the innovative team of Caribbean roofing professionals at Huber & Associates provides design and installation plans that not only embrace the historic and cultural significance of the Caribbean, but also combine these with modern roofing techniques for impactful and lasting results, protection and impressions.

Resort Roofing Expertise

Each island and property or residence throughout the Caribbean offers unique architectural design considerations, and at Huber & Associates, we work closely with each of our properties to provide custom roofing solutions to best suit their needs and expectations. While working with Caribbean locations, our team of design and installation experts understands the need to provide durable and dependable roofing materials, while also keeping your property aesthetically pleasing and inviting to guests and other visitors. Several of our Caribbean roofing services are designed for private residences, hotels, resort complexes, large tiki huts, restaurants and other hospitality venues.

Caribbean climates are marked with extreme conditions ranging from high wind speeds, intense heat, heavy rains, humidity, and frequent hurricanes and tropical storms. To keep your building properly protected against these climates, you need quality materials installed with exceptional installation methods. For each of our Caribbean roofing projects, we use well-crafted, trusted products, adhere to all local building codes and install roofing that meets specific hurricane wind-zone requirements.


We offer several specialty roofing materials that are ideal for specific Caribbean climates and architectural aesthetics. These materials will not only provide lasting protection, but will also let your property stand out and create lasting impressions. Among our Caribbean roofing products, we specialize in:

We offer reroofing, restoration, hurricane roof repair and replacement services across the Caribbean. 

Tropical Resort Roofing in Aruba

Aruba is one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the Caribbean — evoking images of white beaches, turquoise water and unique Dutch architectural influences. At Huber & Associates, we want to give guests visiting Aruba a safe and stunning place to stay by providing resort locations with dependable and attractive roofing options. Our creative roof design team will work closely with you to find roofing materials and styles that will let your property stand out from all angles and accentuate your one-of-a-kind architecture.

Caribbean Roof Repair Services Throughout the Bahamas

The Bahamas are among the most popular Caribbean tourist destinations, and you want to ensure your resort, restaurant or rental property is attractive, welcoming and well-protected. Not only do we provide custom and historic roofing installations, but we can also restore your building’s roof after an intense storm to its pristine, sturdy condition. Throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean, roofs experience wind and water damage, as well as heavy impact, which can damage materials and lead to structural weakness. At Huber & Associates, we’ll thoroughly evaluate the condition of your roof and provide in-depth solutions to make repairs and ensure your roof is dependable during future storms and hurricanes.

British Virgin Islands Caribbean Roofing Professionals

Huber & Associates is the historic roofing expert working throughout the British Virgin Islands, and we’re proud to have worked on several notable and historically significant locations throughout this area. We’ve completed several roofing projects throughout this region, from private residences to hotels and hospitality venues, and we’ve notably installed and preserved the thatch roofing for the Necker Island Resort.

U.S. Virgin Islands Hurricane Roof Repair, Restoration and Reroofing

Marked with breezy, fresh landscapes, the U.S. Virgin Islands includes popular locations like St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. It not only boasts relaxation and bold culture, but also features villas, restaurants and resorts rich with bright European influences. We offer several stunning roof material installations that enhance this architectural and cultural influence, including clay tile, ornamental and copper roofing, and wood shingles.

With intense hurricanes and tropical storms over the past few years, we understand that you want your property to easily withstand the heaviest and most extreme weather conditions. All our Caribbean roofing offerings are crafted from the finest materials and are installed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals using quality tools and equipment to ensure lasting results.

Tropical Climate Roofing Experts Serving Turks and Caicos

To best serve our clientele scattered throughout Turks and Caicos, we offer custom roofing designs and detailed installation plans intended to combine the best of attractive roofing finishes with superior protection, longevity and maintenance. We specialize in reroofing properties, residences and luxury resorts throughout Turks and Caicos according to your specific building requirements, historical considerations, and climate and hurricane-rated specifications. We also provide knowledgeable and dependable repairs and restoration services. Keeping your roof maintained after an intense storm is essential for preventing water damage and structural deterioration.

Choose Huber & Associates for Tropical Climate Roofing

Having the proper roofing experts that are fully trained and knowledgeable in specific climate considerations and Caribbean roofing needs is essential. It's important to ensure your roof is not only attractive and architecturally and historically accurate for your property, but can also withstand intense weather conditions and damage for years. Huber & Associates is the premier Caribbean roofing company and most trusted tropical climate repair and maintenance professionals because we:

  • Have over 40 years of experience specializing in historic roofing preservation, reroofing and repair services.

  • Hire trusted, experienced and knowledgeable Caribbean roofing experts that will travel to your location.

  • Know the area and create customized Caribbean roofing solutions to suit your specific needs, climate concerns and maintenance requirements.

  • Adhere to all local building codes and ensure roofing materials are designed and installed to meet weather-specific and hurricane wind zone rated requirements.

  • Use quality, enduring products that are historically, locally and culturally appropriate for your building and location.

Trust Huber & Associates for All Your Caribbean Roofing Needs

At Huber & Associates, our team is passionate and dedicated to providing quality, durable and customized roofing solutions throughout the Caribbean. For over 40 years, we’ve taken great pride in restoring unique, one-of-a-kind locations and enhancing their historic qualities paired with modern building techniques to give you the best in beauty, quality and dependability.

Learn more about our Caribbean roofing installation and repair services today by calling us at 386-487-1040 or completing our online contact form to request additional information.

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