Hurricane Roof Restoration

As a Florida-based company, Huber & Associates understands the devastation of hurricanes. We also recognize the perseverance of families affected by storms as they commit to rebuilding their communities. Our hurricane restoration services provide the expertise and personalized care required to restore your home, business or public building to its original condition, even if it's a historic structure.

Learn more about our hurricane restoration services, as well as the types of roofs we restore, below:

Copper Roofs

The world's most famous and elegant buildings feature copper roofing, yet they are not immune to the power and force of hurricanes. Many structures with copper often take advantage of the material's flexibility, which lets skilled roofers craft eye-catching design elements such as cornices. Due to these unique features, it's essential that you entrust hurricane restoration for copper roofs to a contractor experienced with restoring and repairing pliable metal roofing.

Clay Tile Roofs

Favored by modern and historic structures, especially those in the Mediterranean and southern United States, clay tile roofs demand exceptional repair and hurricane restoration care. Experienced contractors that provide hurricane repairs for clay-tile roofs do so with the proper knowledge to prevent further leaks and damage, protecting not only your roof but also your home or building. At Huber & Associates, we use handmade tiles that last half a century — at least — to protect your home and enhance the structural integrity of your restored roof.

Stainless Steel Roofs

Since the 1920s, homeowners and companies, as well as architects, have relied on stainless steel roofs. While durable to many forces of weather, stainless steel roofs can incur damage from powerful hurricanes. Whether your building features an old or new stainless steel roof that requires hurricane restoration, our roofing specialists can return your home to its original appearance with the use of custom sheeting, as well as the recreation of your building's ornate features.

Slate Roofs

With their distinctive appearances and fire-resistance, slate roofs are a stunning feature of modern and historic homes, museums and other structures. Because slate shingles vary in appearance, with different thicknesses, weights and colors, it's vital that contractors are well-versed in hurricane restoration for slate roofs and their specific needs. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to your building — which could include valuable, historical items. At Huber & Associates, we provide more than four decades of experience, as well as a selection of slates from around the world to match your property and unique tastes.

Metal Roofs

Like copper roofs, metal roofs have a flexible nature, which allows experienced crafters to shape the material into a range of ornamental designs. Though durable and capable of withstanding winds up to 180 miles per hour, metal roofs can cave to the most powerful category of hurricanes. If your heritage property, estate or other structure requires hurricane restoration for a metal roof, you can trust Huber & Associates to deliver an exceptional level of service and quality.

Wood Roofs

A significant portion of America's architectural history features wood roofs, which became favorites of architects with an appreciation for Tudor or colonial homes, as well as those seeking a more modern, natural, or unique look. You can rely on our experienced team of roofing specialists to restore your wood roof following hurricane damage.

Thatch Roofs

Natural and synthetic thatch roofs capture the attention of architects, as well as homeowners and business owners, that appreciate a natural look that brings to mind the British Isles or regions of the South Pacific. While durable and capable of lasting up to 20 years, these roofs can acquire significant damage from hurricanes. To complete hurricane restoration for thatch roofs, both natural and synthetic materials are used to match your property’s previous design and give you the durability you desire.   

Hurricane Restoration for Historic Roofs

The beauty, craftsmanship and detail of historical roofs are unparalleled. A challenge for many owners of historic buildings — homes, churches and other structures — is ensuring those features remain intact. Our specialization at Huber & Associates is award-winning historical-roofing restoration and preservation. Whether you require hurricane restoration for your 20th-century copper roof or another roofing material, you can trust us to protect your building's history and restore it to its former glory.

The Advantages of Partnering With Huber & Associates

When you choose Huber & Associates for your roofing needs, from repairing a copper roof after a hurricane to designing a custom roof after purchasing a historic home, you can expect unparalleled care and service from our exceptional team of roofing professionals — many of whom come with decades of experience in designing, crafting and installing roofs. Advantages of collaborating with us include our:

●     Experience: With more than 40 years of experience, as well as an unmatched team of roofing experts and specialists, Huber & Associates provides a superior level of expertise to you and your home or building. As evidence of our excellence, we've been the recipient of several awards from the National Roofing and Contractors Association (NRCA) and more.

●     Quality: Our passion for roofs, from copper to clay tile, drives us to deliver premium, high-quality roofs and services to our clientele. As your partner, we promise you can trust us to approach our work in an unbiased manner, adhering to the latest industry standards and recommendations of manufacturers. Our team also encourages and answers all your questions.

●     Specialty: Over the course of our history, we've become a trusted specialist for historical roof restoration. Whether your copper roof requires repairing after a hurricane or gradual wear-and-tear, our team offers the necessary experience to ensure your roof captures the beauty and craftsmanship of centuries past, as demonstrated by our award-winning work on the Biltmore Estate.

No matter the features or unique challenges of your roof, Huber & Associates is ready to deliver an innovative solution.

Trust Huber & Associates for Hurricane Restoration

At Huber & Associates, we offer more than 40 years of experience to homeowners, business owners and organizations. Our team shares a passion for exceptional quality, ensuring every roof restoration following a hurricane meets not only your standards but also ours. When you partner with our award-winning company, you can expect to have the same experience of many of our clients. One person shared, "We could not have asked for a better roofing contractor. Their employees are true craftsmen who are committed to top quality work. At every stage of the project, they worked well together and they were truly inspiring to be around."

Discover how Huber & Associates can restore your roof and adapt to your unique requirements by contacting us today.