Project Update: 1 North Pack Square

Right in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina is Pack Square; named after George W. Pack who deeded the land to the people of Asheville a for a park in 1901.  The name "Pack Square" entered the city vocabulary in 1903 and ever since people, cars and commerce have been busy crisscrossing this mid-point of the city.  Additionally, Pack was motivated to erect a monument to his friend Zebulon B. Vance (d. 1894), state senator, three term governor of North Carolina, humanist, secessionist, and champion of the common man.   That is the ‘Vance’ obelisk in front of 1 North Pack Square and the current roof restoration project. 


The existing roof had been in service for approximately 35 years and consisted of what is called an inverted roof system.  That is, the waterproof membrane is sealed to the concrete roof deck and is at the bottom of the system.   Over the membrane is laid a 2” rigid insulation board, which is basically unaltered since its installation being held in place by rock ballast.  

The building is leased to various tenants but primarily serves as the headquarters of The Biltmore Company. 

First item of business is to erect scaffold and trash chute for getting the roof top work underway.  The 7-story building required a staggered stair tower and attached trash chute.







The scope for the new roof is to remove the almost 50 tons of rock and the insulation boards.  (NOTE: Knowing the insulation boards are suitable for use in a variety of building applications the almost 10,000 square feet of board will be donated to the local Habitat for Humanity.)  The old membrane will be cleaned and prepared for suitable adhesion for new rigid insulation over which will be adhered a 90 mil white EPDM system with a 30 year warranty.