Historic Roof Restoration

At Huber & Associates, we are award-winning roofing experts specializing in historic roof restoration. We also give you the chance to have the beautiful design aesthetic of historic roofs with durable new materials.

Each experienced roofing contractor in our company provides various specialty-roofing services while working with a range of roofing materials. Trust our knowledge and experience with the following roofing services and materials:

Slate Roofing

The natural material of slate has a long history within roofing. It has maintained a place in roofing due to its long-lasting strength and its structure that doesn’t let in too much moisture. Our roofing contractors are comfortable with slate in many forms, using it to complement and enhance the beauty of various homes and buildings. We are even able to customize a slate roof through size, color and texture options.

Clay Tile

Coming from the earth, clay tile offers an ancient appeal that seems as though it’s from another world. These tiles are long lasting and perfectly suited for southern regions with their style and ability to withstand the weather conditions. Our contractors can install Spanish clay tiles or a variety of other shapes and colors to fit your design preferences.

Ornamental Metal

Metal roofing starts with natural elements that we shape and design to add our man-made ornamental flair. This highly customizable type of roofing adds distinction and interest to a building, looking as modern or traditional as you’d like. Plus, when our experts install an ornamental metal roof, it can last far beyond the life span of other materials.


Wood is a classic roofing material that can provide an old-fashioned aesthetic to a building or create a unique, awe-inspiring style. Wood’s versatility allows it to be shaped to create curvy organic designs just as easily as more traditional or linear ones. We offer a range of wood varieties and shingle styles.


Natural thatch roofs can offer simplistic, idyllic looks for cottages or elaborate and setting-specific finishes for tropical getaways. Our craftsmen create these unique roofs from natural vegetation such as palm fronds or straw. Nonetheless, they are strong and durable when we're finished crafting them.


Historical roof restoration is our specialty at Huber & Associates. We are experienced in specialized techniques that offer intricate designs as stunning as the original. We are able to work with any type of material your historical roof was crafted from, including slate and copper. A historical restoration contractor will help your historical roof move with beauty and strength into the future. Rely on our distinguished experience in historical roof restoration that includes estates, plantations, courthouses, and other historical buildings and residences.

Roof Design

Your roof doesn't need to fit the mold. We can provide custom roof designs that are expertly engineered and made visually pleasing. Then, our experienced roofing contractors will execute the designs with precision for a stylish, lasting roof. We are able to work with various materials and design ideas to create a unique look that complements your building while helping it stand out.


At Huber & Associates, we offer consulting services backed by 40 years of experience to help you determine the best way to carry out your roofing project. We offer a professional service with knowledge of industry standards and manufacturer recommendations, as well as field-tested experience. Rely on our expertise for your specialty roofing project.

To learn more about a particular roofing material or service, click on the link to its designated page or contact us for more information and customized ideas.