A few of our featured crew leaders.

Micah Cady

Micah Cady, Project Manager

Micah has been in the construction industry his entire working life.  He has an ability to work with all the team members, and their crews, to keep them not only supplied with the needed materials but the needed environment and work atmosphere giving them a desirable place to accomplish the challenging tasks they face.  

Tim Lofstrom

Tim Lofstrom, Site Supervisor

Tim brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with years of experience. He is very talented sheet metal worker as well as intrinsically mechanically minded able to put together solutions for a variety of project challenges.


Ron Fiorenza

Ron Fiorenza, Restoration Specialist

Ron has had a lifetime of experience in working with a variety of materials whether it is wood, metal, stone and the various finishes for the same.  He is a gifted individual who has an ability to recognize how such materials will fit, shape and come together to perform in the elements in artistic enduring ways.  

Chavo Vasquez

Chavo Vazquez, Roofing Specialist

Chavo has been part of our team for over 15 years and before he joined the team he was one of accomplished skill including expert welding.  Today, Chavo is an experienced hands-on leader able to work with about any medium of roofing.  He has a sharp ability to identify and implement optimum and enduring solutions in accordance with established industry standard practice. 

Ignacio Barvosa

Ignacio Barvosa, Roofing Supervisor

Ignacio is one of the team leaders whose desire to make sure the job is done correctly shows through to our customers.   As one of our customers said recently, "...it would be beneficial for me to be on some kind of maintenance schedule.... If that is possible, I would like to request Ignacio and his crew – they’re amazing!"

Jesus Vazquez

Jesus Vazquez, Roofing Specialist

Jesus has been part of the team for over 10 years and is a talented installer and leader for his crew whose artistic abilities in roofing seem to come as easy as his easy going nature. Jesus us another one who is multi-talented with any variety of steep slope products as well as custom metal applications.