Custom Roof Restoration

Huber & Associates provides a range of roof restoration services to homes and commercial properties throughout the country. Demanding homeowners contact us first for repairs to heritage buildings where historical fidelity is essential to the success of a project. Working with a variety of premium materials, we add years of life to aging roofs, capturing the spirit of its original build while adding modern enhancements to increase its durability or efficiency.

Our services have received praise from historical preservation societies and awards from some of the largest organizations in our industry. Keep reading to learn more about who we are and how we can help you.

Material Specialties

Historical roofs often use nonstandard materials. Restoring them requires sourcing acceptable replacements and understanding their unique properties and installation requirements. For this reason alone, it is essential to work with an experienced roof restoration contractor. Some of the projects we've taken on in the past have involved:

  • Metal Roof Restoration: Metal is lightweight and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for commercial properties. Ornamental metal was once a common sight on high-end homes, too. Today, however, few contractors have the expertise necessary to recreate the dramatic details that characterize Gothic, Romanesque and Art Deco-inspired architecture. Huber & Associates has provided metal roof restorations for churches, theaters and other properties.
  • Copper Roof Restoration: Copper roofs feature a highly distinctive bright orange color that matures to green over time. In the past, copper was employed to make a bold statement. You can see it today in private estates, government buildings and other properties. One of our more notable copper roof restoration projects was on the famous Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC — the largest private home in the country and a tourist attraction that sees more than one million visitors each year.
  • Slate Roof Restoration: Slate is one of the longest-lasting roofing materials. A well-designed slate roof can retain its structural integrity for 100 years or more. While slate resists environmental wear and tear, individual shingles and sections can become damaged and require replacement. Doing so requires precisely matching the tile and performing the work to exacting standards. Huber & Associates offers slate roof restoration services for homes and commercial properties such as churches, clubhouses and more.
  • Clay Tile Roof Restoration: Builders have been using clay tile for roofing for thousands of years. While today it is commonly associated with Spanish Colonial architecture, the range of potential applications for it is virtually limitless. Restoring old clay roofs can involve using products that are handmade to match the existing tile. Huber & Associates uses special vitreous clay to manufacture clay tile that can last for 50 years or more.

Because of our highly specialized skill set, preservation is a significant component of our business. We consult photos and other records to gain an intimate understanding of how a building looked in its prime and develop a plan to bring it back to life. We can also add modern improvements such as a specialized underlayment to enhance energy efficiency and further extend your roof’s expected lifespan.

Biltmore Hotel Historical Roof Restoration

Our Roof Restoration Process

Each roof restoration is different. One of the reasons we’re so good at what we do is that we take the time to develop an individualized plan for each project we take on. We strive to maximize the use of historically correct materials, whether it’s by preserving existing shingles and sheets or building new components from scratch.

On a copper or metal roof, it is usually possible to remove, clean and reinstall individual sections, restoring their luster without requiring expensive and time-consuming architectural work. On a slate or clay roof, our experts evaluate tiles on a case-by-case basis, preserving what can be repaired and replacing what can't with a modern reproduction.

In everything we do, we aim to meet your expectations for quality, cost and time. Some jobs take longer, while on others a homeowner's goal is to make the most of their budget through strategic repairs. That's why we begin every project with a thorough consultation in which we explain what needs to be done and present you with several options for achieving it. This also gives us the opportunity to create a detailed estimate outlining all costs so there are no surprises when the work is complete and you receive our final bill.

Roof Restoration vs. Re-Roofing

When a roof reaches a certain age, property owners typically face the option of replacing it (re-roofing) or repairing individual damaged sections or elements (restoration). Roof restoration can range from fixing a small corner that's been affected by wind or storm damage, to removing all tiles and rebuilding the original design from the ground up. Larger restoration projects also give our team the opportunity to upgrade the insulation or weatherproofing on heritage properties.

Re-roofing, on the other hand, involves replacing what is there currently with a new design altogether. Re-roofing is a good option if you want to change the look of your property, or if damages have progressed to the point that the foundational structure of the roof itself has been compromised.

When to Restore Your Roof

As noted above, there are certain situations where extreme damage or design issues require a roof to be replaced altogether. However, in most cases, restoration will preserve the look and feel of the roof as you know it while adding decades of additional life. Roof restoration is also generally faster and more economical. Although, in certain situations, like where extensive work is necessary, replacement offers better long-term value.

Other important considerations when deciding to repair or replace an aging roof include:

  • Historical significance: Buildings are a record of human achievement and are ultimately worth preserving for as long as possible. Many projects we take on involve restoring a neglected building of some historical significance. Doing so requires the use of traditional techniques and handmade materials that match the unique metal or tile found on the original design.
  • Safety: Fire and building safety can impact the decision to restore or replace a building in several ways. Often, restorations will be performed to add engineering upgrades that bring historical buildings in line with modern building codes. However, there are times when it would be impossible to do so without affecting the fundamental character of the roof, in which case re-roofing is the only option.
  • Engineering issues: The way a building is used and the conditions it is exposed to can change over time. Re-roofing can solve some of the technical challenges associated with storm safety, energy efficiency and general functionality often found on older properties.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

The pros and cons of roof restoration can vary significantly from job to job. Some of the benefits most commonly associated with roof restoration include:

  • Historical fidelity: A roof restoration is the only way to retain the character and unique architectural features of a historically significant property. Even on newer buildings, restoration is an option if you are satisfied with the current look of your roof but want to repair wear and tear that has accumulated over time. 
  • Cost and time savings: The other obvious benefit to roof restoration is that, in cases where the damage is restricted to one part of the property, restoration avoids the need for a costly whole-home replacement. Replacement can solve issues such as leaking or sagging sections, missing or curled shingles, and other problems that come with age. 

As with any major renovation, it’s important to consider the big picture when deciding to repair or replace a roof. One of our experts will go over your options and help you make an informed choice based on your short- and long-term requirements.

Working With Huber & Associates

Huber & Associates has been providing roof restoration repairs for high-end homes for more than 40 years. We have worked on some of the world's most luxurious private residences as well as historically significant churches, clubhouses and government buildings. Historical preservation societies in North Carolina and Florida have lauded our work. We're also a recipient of the National Roofing and Contracting Association (NRCA) Gold Circle Award — one of the highest honors in our industry.

Check out before and after pictures of some of our roof restoration work in our blog and Success Stories page. Despite working on some of the country's most notable buildings, we believe no job that requires our expertise is too big or too small.


Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say about their roof restoration experience with Huber & Associates:

 “This is to commend you and your company for the excellent work done in repairing, and virtually replacing, my seventy-year-old tile roof […] Your company was so far superior to any other that it is truly noteworthy. I feel that I have a good, secure roof.”

 “Thank you for your assistance in helping to make the major renovation of First Presbyterian Church, here in Miami, such a great success. After removing the complicated existing roof that had deteriorated over many years, your team was able to provide in a timely manner an outstanding new copper roof that has impressed all who have had the privilege to see it.”

Read more on our Testimonials page or contact our office directly to discuss your project and find out how we can help you.