A critical aspect one looks for when hiring a Consultant or a Roof Observer is to find one who is totally unbiased and relies on industry standard procedures, as well as manufacturer’s recommended practices, not on: “that’s the way I’ve always done it.” Very rare are the instances in projects where the installation methods fall outside of published installation standard guidelines. 

However, in that special case, when something is in need of analysis and the work seems to be outside of any recognized assembly, finding someone with field-tested experience is critical. Especially when that field-tested experience is accomplished by using various portions of the tested standards to construct working systems. Such is the case with Huber and Associates and an ability to assess project needs. With more than 40 years of experience, you can expect a fair and impartial assessment using the principles of industry-accepted practices —  some of which have been in place for decades and even centuries.

Roof Consulting rates are $235.00 per hour plus expenses. 

Types of Consultations

At Huber & Associates, we offer a few classes of consultations, including those focused on:

●     Restorations: We specialize in more than five different materials, which lets our roofing specialists assist numerous clients around the world. Whether you need to speak with a copper roofing consultant for your heritage property or a clay-tile restoration consultant for your home following hurricane damage, you can rely on our exceptional team for all your needs. 

●     Repairs: Damages to your roof are devastating, especially if your building is a historic structure. At Huber & Associates, our team is dedicated to repairing your roof to its original quality, capturing its unique details and craftsmanship. By meeting with our consultants, such as our slate roofing experts, you can trust you'll receive fast, caring service that accommodates your budget and schedule.

●     Installations: Roofs are a defining feature of homes, businesses and other structures, which is why many architects are creating homes that demand a one-of-a-kind roof. With the creativity of our team, as well as the expertise of our consultants, we'll deliver a custom roof design for your approval before beginning the process of manufacturing and installing your new, striking roof.


Our passion for roofing drove us to become familiar with many different materials for the job, from thatch to copper. By gaining an understanding of these resources, from their architectural uses to their energy-saving advantages, our team is now adept at recommending the right materials for select projects, as well as answering all your questions about each one's longevity, maintenance, durability and more. The roofing materials we offer include the following:

●     Clay tile: As our clay-tile roofing consultants are bound to mention, all our clay tiles are handmade. Many also last 50 years or more, providing your home with a unique look that doesn't fade over time. To learn more about our clay tiles for your project, as well as their insulation and maintenance features, speak with one of our expert consultants today.

●     Slate: During our slate roofing consultations, our consultants are happy to answer all your questions about our slate, which comes from quarries around the world. Our expert slate roofing consultants can also assist you with queries about restoring and preserving your existing roof, and they'll discuss our processes for beginning a restoration.

●     Copper: Our copper roofing consultations focus on repairs, restorations and replacements of copper roofs. During your meeting, our team can discuss the potential benefits of returning your existing roof to its original appearance, but with the addition and advantage of modern technology. Often, the result is improved energy efficiency, which lends itself to lower operation costs.

●     Metal: As our metal roofing consultants are likely to note, metal roofing can last 50 years or more and withstand winds up to 180 miles per hour. Whether you're interested in a custom restoration or repair project, our team will provide you with the unbiased information you need to decide your next step. 

In addition to the above materials, our consultants are also knowledgeable about the following products, which we also provide:

●     Wood

●     Thatch

●     Stainless Steel

No matter what challenges your project brings, you can trust our team to deliver innovative solutions that bring you the roof of your dreams.

The Difference Huber & Associates Consultations Offer

Whether you speak with one of our roofing consultants, you can expect an experience that emphasizes the values that have shaped Huber & Associates into the award-winning company it is today. These values set us apart from other roof contractors that offer restoration and repair services. The differences that define Huber & Associates include our:

●     History: With more than four decades of experience, we've established a history of excellence. In everything we do, from designs and installations to repairs and restorations, our exceptional team of roofing specialists, design consultants and roofing supervisors embody our commitment to meeting your expectations — and ours — for quality, service and craftsmanship.

●     Expertise: Our passion for protecting history is why we've become a specialist in historic roofing restoration and preservation. We've assisted museums, private residences and estates like the Biltmore Estate. You can trust our team to offer the knowledge and skills to restore your existing roof or design a custom roof to meet your unique needs.

●     Standards: As mentioned earlier, Huber & Associates adheres to the latest industry standards and manufacturer recommendations when designing, installing and repairing roofs of all materials, from thatch and wood to stainless steel and copper. Following these rules ensures you receive the highest quality of service, as well as a roof that's built to last.

Discuss Your Custom Roof Requirements With Huber & Associates

At Huber & Associates, our role as a world-renowned roofing company is an accomplishment we credit to our passion for craftsmanship and history, as well as our unwavering dedication to meet the expectations of our clients, who range from homeowners to business owners. With more than 40 years of history, you can trust our award-winning company for your unique roofing needs. As one client noted, "I have had no experience with any other roofing company that exceeds your ability and high standards of workmanship."

Contact our exceptional consultants today to discuss your one-of-a-kind project.