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A very important aspect one looks for when hiring a Consultant or a Roof Observer, is to find one who is totally unbiased and relies on industry standard procedures, as well as manufacturer’s recommended practices… not on: “that’s the way I’ve always done it”.   Very rare are the instances in projects where the installation methods fall outside of published installation standard guidelines.   However, in that special case, when something is in need of analysis and the work seems to be outside of any recognized assembly, finding someone with field-tested experience is critical.   Especially when that field-tested experience is accomplished by using various portions of the tested standards to construct working systems. 

Such is the case with Huber and Associates and an ability to assess project needs. With 40 years of experience you can expect a fair and impartial assessment using the principles of industry-accepted practices; some of which have been in place for decades and even centuries.

Roof Consulting rates are $235.00 per hour plus expenses.